Research | Current Studies

Current research initiatives focus on:

Making multilateralism fit for purpose – for resolving the global policy challenges confronting us under the present global policymaking realities

Key words: Needed institutional reforms in the system of global governance; the role of regional organizations in global governance; fostering compatibility between national policymaking sovereignty and effective multilateralism

Devising a new architecture of international cooperation finance – reflecting the increasing diversity of the policy challenges requiring international cooperation and the expanding financing toolbox

Key words: development assistance (“aid”), global public good financing, crisis response and stabilization finance; differences and synergies between the various finance strands; saving costs by taking timely corrective action

Responding to the global water crisis – understanding and managing the global water system (the hydrological cycle) to foster water security for all

Key words: Drivers of the developing water crisis; the main economic properties and facets of water; the hydrological cycle as a global public good (GPG); global water governance

Updating the glossary of global-policymaking and international-cooperation terms – with the aim to reach common understanding of how to reflect past developments and ongoing transformations in the language we use when discussing relevant issues

Key words: They will span from ‘a’ (e.g. aid) via ‘d’ (like development) to ‘z’ (e.g. zero-sum game)

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